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1 Final Exam Study Guide for United States History 1302 1. What was decided about reparation at the Potsdam Conference? 2. How would you compare Harry Truman’s approach to foreign policy and Wilson’s? 3. What was the crucial issue decided at the Potsdam Conference? then was the division of post-war Europe after the defeat of Nazi Germany. 4. What was the principal issue that brought on the Cold War? [the arm race] 5. By 1946, what was the attitude of the U.S. and Great Britain towards reparations in Germany? 6. What countries came under the political domination of the Soviet Union? [ Armenia , Azerbaijan , Belorussia, Estonia , Georgia, Kazakhstan , Kirgiziya Latvia , Lithuania , Moldavia Russia , Tajikistan , Turkmenistan , Ukraine , and Uzbekistan ] 7. What was the main cause of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union immediately after the Second World War? 8. How did the Soviet Union first learn about the successful test of the atomic bomb? [ Espionage] 9. What were the principle foreign policy objectives of George Kennan, John Foster Dulles, George Marshall and Bernard Baruch? 10. As secretary of state, what two men did Marshall rely on to formulate his policy? 11. The Truman Doctrine emerged in response to what problem? 12. Who was Truman’s secretary of state at the beginning of the Cold War? [ James Byrnes] 13. According to George Kennan, what role should experts play in American foreign policy? 14. What did the Marshal plan propose to do to help rebuild the European economy? 15. What were some of the results of the Marshall Plan? 16. Why did American participation in NATO represent a departure from traditional American foreign policy? 17. In what year was the NATO Treaty signed? [ 1949] 18. What effect did NATO have on the Soviet Union? 19. What was the main Soviet response to the formation of NATO?
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Final_Exam_Study_Guide_for_United_States_History_1302 -...

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