Outline for Chapter 31 - Outline for Chapter 31 The New...

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Outline for Chapter 31 The New Conservatism, 1969-1988 I. The Tempting of Richard Nixon A. Richard Nixon was the first president to adopt affirmative action as an explicit policy. 1. His goal was for the federal government to achieve the promote and full utilization of minorities and women at levels in segment of its work force. 2. He also created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which assumed responsibility for reducing workplace injuries. 3. A s he took the office, congress and the administration took action to massive desegregation of southern schools. B. Detent 1. Nixon’s foreign policy was pride and joy to the country.
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2. He was able to keep his relations with China and Russia while the U.S trade corporations working well while the two countries on war. C. Ending the Vietnam War 1. Nixon’s challenge was on foreign police with Vietnam; he was planning to withdraw the American troops and trained the South Koreans to control the North. 2. After ten years the Americans loss sixty thousand lives, the American effort to preserve South Korea from communism. D. The Watergate Scandal
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Outline for Chapter 31 - Outline for Chapter 31 The New...

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