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Icebergs 97 2003 - are Winter Scene In Brooklyn 1817 1820...

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Medhanie Mesfin Mrs. Katherine Wagner Art Appreciation 1301-8002 Analyzing the Iceberg The Art that I really like on the museum is The Icebergs 1861, by Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900). It is painted on oil canvas. Church used his sketches to create "The Icebergs", a huge (164 x 286 cm) oil painting. This paint donor is Anonymous gift to the museum. The art is located in modern America Section Floor fourth. The Icebergs was a triumph, and it was the most splendid work of art that has I never seen such thing like this. The paint is an absolutely wonderful picture, a work of genius which illustrates the time and the country producing it. The way the artist puts the colors that give to the art glory and magnificent eye attraction to the paint. The artist sketched icebergs as they appeared on the horizon until the moment they threatened to capsize the small boats used to draw near them. This shows how the art work is detailed. The two other works that are I exhibited in the immediate vicinity of my selected work
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Unformatted text preview: are Winter Scene In Brooklyn 1817- 1820, and The Fountain of Vacluse, 1841.i think these two art worked placed each other with my selected art work; because both pictures shows us cold and winter season, have mountain iceberg settings and they have bright colors in terms of nature. The museum light affect to the art work, it allows it to see in detail on the work, and gives it life to the art. The halo light it seems like they are the spotlight for the work. The art work it is not around window or where natural light would play. The wall of where my selected art work is has a burgundy color. It allows the art work to stand out; because the art work has winter setting. From my point of view the way that the museum displayed the art work is perfect. The reason I said that is, the room is it’s a kind of dark so the winter season especially the Icebergs stand out from other spaces around the art work....
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Icebergs 97 2003 - are Winter Scene In Brooklyn 1817 1820...

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