problem Questions - generation acquired a test for hit and...

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Medhanie Mesfin Comp 1 Reading for Information 1. He said that high technologies could decreseses human to remember things; because this time most of us we like to use the internet, which give us such timesavers as emails, on the World Wide Web, and others that make our live easier. 2. This time our world changed to the technology society; everything we want we can find on the internet like instant sport up dates, immediate news, online shopping, download music and the colossal garage sale universe of eBay. 3. Barbarian miss the libraries and text book, because when people engaged in online learning it’s hard to resist the urge to coast through each course. But textbooks carry an air of integrity of learning in college. 4. Reading For Form, Organization, and Expository Features 1. “The Gist Generation” -it means that a generation of when time can be money. This
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Unformatted text preview: generation acquired a test for hit and run, cut and paste knowledge. They expect that everything in their life should depend on the Internet. 2. I think barbarian described well about the generation that where we lived right now and the future. 3. Barbarian organizational plan is that the idea of internet could affect our personal and professional lives to our memory. Reading for Rhetorical Concerns 1. Barbarian goal is to mention that our world changing to the internet or technology time and that how it will affect our memory become low. He wants that his readers to have their life not dependable to the internet, because that it will affect them later on. 2. 3. I think barbarian first target is this generation; especially those are in school. He tried to accommodate by telling to the audience about how the internet can change our life....
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problem Questions - generation acquired a test for hit and...

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