formal eassy 2 - Medhanie Mesfin Mr. Smith Comp. 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Medhanie Mesfin Mr. Smith Comp. 1 Enhancement of Public Safety In both articles there certain advantages and disadvantages to using surveillances for public safety. According to Christian Parenti and Wendy Kaminer both articles have a common issue on the advantage of surveillance safety to cities and public places. Both articles mentioned September 11 as a main reason for the expansion of the surveillance cameras in all public places and streets to look for terrorists. Parenti states in his article “DC’s Virtual Panopticon” that the metropolitan police department have begun constructing a centrally monitored, citywide closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system in Washington DC recently. The surveillance cameras are give more confidence and feel safer than before to the American people. In “Trading Liberty for Illusions” Kaminer states how people do trade their liberty for a false image of security. Also Kaminer states that these surveillance cameras have big impact on people facial recognition and their privacy. Both articles have similar messages about safety, “after the attacked of September 11, part of an effort to ‘enhance public safety’ by fighting terrorism and crime” (Parenti, 312). After this tragedy happened the government took right away crime” (Parenti, 312)....
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formal eassy 2 - Medhanie Mesfin Mr. Smith Comp. 1...

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