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Medhanie Mesfin Mr. Smith Comp I Social Inequality The social inequality of people depend on working people in the United States as the impact of the economic downturn and growing gap between the rich and the rest of the population specially the African Americans society. Inequality is Social or economic disparity; according to the definition. The main issue that the authors agree on is the inequality of between classes of wealth, race, and poverty that are impact to the United States. According to the ideas of Jeremy Seabrook, Leonce Gaitar, and Herbert J. Gans that people social life divided into different assemblage of social classes. Their main theme of these authors is about the inequity of underclass people economic problems, jobs, and poverty that are facing between different communal classes of people. The inequality of life gave incessantly to the higher level class people, according to the definition; inequality is a statistical term in which the participants appear only as victims or beneficiaries. Jeremy Seabrook in “What are ‘Classes’ and ‘inequality” states about the different classes between white and black people and how societies are stratified in one way or another in hierarchies of power and wealth to the people. Seabrook also discuss about the idea of feudalism toward the classification of people social life. In the same point Leonce Gaitar in “The Revolt of the Black Bourgeoisie”
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social inequality - Medhanie Mesfin Mr. Smith Comp I Social...

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