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Kinship+Problem+Set - consider two sisters related only...

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R. Trivers Spring 2011 Problem Set: Kinship In humans a male is XY and a female XX. All the rest of their genes are the same (autosomes, mtDNA). A male passes his Y chromosome to each son, hence r for a gene on his Y to his son is _______? He passes his X to each daughter, hence r on the X to his daughter is _______? What is the r on his X and his son ________? For that matter, what is the r between a male’s X and his mother _______? All of these r’ s differ from the usual 1/2 for all of the autosomes, so sex chromo- somes may come into conflict with the autosomes over acts toward close relatives, depending on sex of relative. Extra credit
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Unformatted text preview: : consider two sisters related only through their father. What is the r between an X in the one and the other ________? What is the mtDNA r of a full brother and sister ________? Which one would you expect to more often give up its life for the other, brother or sister, assuming their mtDNA has some control, and why? (Remember that mtDNA is passed only from the mother.)___________________________________ Please bring this problem set with your answers to the next class (Wednesday February 9). They will not be collected but it would be helpful if you had yours in front of you when I go over them in class....
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