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NJ101 - New Jersey 101 Dr David A Robinson Professor...

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Unformatted text preview: New Jersey 101 Dr. David A. Robinson Professor, Department of Geography New Jersey State Climatologist Perception, Perception, Perception Perception Location, Location, Location Location http://geography.rutgers.edu Geography is the study of the Earth as the home of Humankind. It provides a broad place-centered perspective on the transformation of environments by society and nature at a variety of scales, from the local to the global. Where we live. Where Where don't we live?! Physical Leanings Physical New Jersey From Space From ONJSC Mission ONJSC Data Research Outreach 1971-2000 average annual number of days with 1971 2000 maximum temperatures at least 90 degF degF 31 41 32 45 55 52 35 50 48 58 01 Apr 2003 Snow and Rain High Point State Park NJWxNet Temperatures Snow Rain FDU in Teaneck Visible Satellite Radar NJ Weather & Climate Network NJ Weather stations Sea Girt weather station Sea Girt webcam image Sea Girt hourly report http://climate.rutgers.edu/stateclim NJ climate variability & change change "Human Nature" "Human NJ Twisters 05 Jul 2001 Somers Point 05 15 Jul 1895 Cherry Hill FLOYD (16 Sep 1999) FLOYD 1 March 2002: Spruce Run Reservoir 15 Nov 2002: High Point 21 Sep 2003: Barge explosion Barge NJ Pinelands Fires NJ NJ Highlands (looking from the SE) NJ Down the Shore Down Private or Public? Private Our State Bird Our Social setting Social A NJ Revolution NJ Jockey Hollow 25-26 Dec 1776: On to Trenton & Princeton 28 Jun 1778: Molly Pitcher & Battle of Monmouth Liberty State Park Liberty Somers Point Somers Newark, NJ Newark, NJ On the Move NJ Out for a Sunday Drive Drive Take me out to the Take minor league ball game Delaware - Raritan Canal Work Place NJ Work NJ’s Top 10 Public Business NJ Top Employers Employers The Garden State The ...
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