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Novartis s Foreign Trade Zone(1)

Novartis s Foreign Trade Zone(1) - Rutgers University...

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Rutgers University Center for Supply Chain Management Student Project Scope 2010 - 2011 Undergraduate Project _____ MBA Project _____ Either X Sponsor Company: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Date: August 3, 2010_ Briefly describe the project (attach page if necessary): Determine the feasibility and requirements for establishing a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) within the Novartis Suffern, NY facility. This facility currently manufactures, packages and warehouses product. What are the requirements? What is the process for establishing an FTZ? For example, does the entire site have to a FTZ or only certain areas in the site and if so what are the requirements for securing the area if any, or any other reqts. How long will it take to establish? How much will it cost? What are the pros and cons? What processing can we do to the material within the FTZ before it is entered into US commerce? Can we convert into dosage form? Can we package?
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