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INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Spring 2010 Instructions for preparing projects By O. Palmon One of the requirements in this course is the submission of projects. The purpose of assigning these projects is to provide students with “hands-on” experience in financial analysis. Working on these projects allows students to apply many of the tools studied in their statistics and accounting courses, as well as in this course to analyze the financial data of a company. Each student should select two companies to be analyzed. One company should be from either the Chemicals & Allied Products industry or from the Pharmaceutical industry. The other company should be from either the Telecommunication industry or the Natural Gas Distribution industry. Project 1 Computing the Systematic Risk for a Firm, Using Security and Market Rates of Return For this project, students will compute the systematic risk coefficients of their selected companies. The computations should follow the discussions in class regarding risk and return. The necessary data for this
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