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Subject: SMB assignment due at first class (do the best you can) Please see Assignment Due at First Class in Course Documents for your section of Statistical Methods in Business on Blackboard: https://blackboard.newark.rutgers.edu/ Please also print out and complete the course information sheet and bring the completed form to the first class. In addition, rewrite the answers to Review II, III, IV using the TEMPLATE for areas and scores on distributions in Course Documents, and Review V using all three templates as needed. If there seems to be any ambiguity as to what is due, assume an earlier date. Priority if you are short on time: 1. Read Course Requirements very very carefully using a highlighter. 2. Try to launch and view the first 2 minutes of the Review I-IV video 3. Rewrite the solutions to Review II-V on pages 4-7 using the TEMPLATES in the Course Documents. 4. Get started on the Excel assignment-at least determine if you have the software to do it (note my explanations are for Excel 2003, not 2007). But if at all possible, do much more.
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  • Spring '10
  • BrianGreczyn
  • Null hypothesis, Statistical hypothesis testing, Statistical significance, class a, Course Documents, COURSE INFORMATION SHEET

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