IT 304 - Scenario Multimega global corporation sells...

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Scenario: Multimega global corporation sells handheld cellphone-PDA devices and has plans to outsource manufacture of its cell phone-PDA combination devices to DevelopingNationX. This means they can lay off 200 workers in Northern Virginia. The labor union is threatening to call a strike and involve other unions to protest (Teamsters, etc.) and to interrupt Multimega’s business. You are the Mr./Ms. Global Gotbucks, CEO of the Multimega global corporation that sells handheld cell-phone-PDA devices. Your company has discovered that it is much cheaper to outsource manufacture of the devices to DevelopingnationX where you don’t have all those pesky environmental rules and labor is much cheaper. You are Mr./Ms. Labor Leader. Many Multimega’s employees are being laid off due to corporate outsourcing plans. Many of these employees have families and the labor market is weak, so finding new jobs will be hard. Some of these employees have worked for this company for 25 years, back when they first starting producing calculators. You think this is heartless, in light of the fact that this is already a profitable company. You are Mr./Ms. Savvy Investor. You have invested in Multimega because you know it is a well managed company and you will get a good return on your investment. You are worried about your investment though, because there are rumors of a strike. You are Mr./Ms. Worker Bee in DevelopingnationX. You are excited about plans to move Multimega’s manufacturing to your town. They are offering to pay you $4/hour and currently you make only $1. They are offering free training as long as you commit to working 9 hours per day, 6 days per week for 2 years. After that, they *may* offer you benefits, if you qualify. You are Mr./Ms. Greenthinker, a public official in DevelopingnationX. You are worried that chemicals will pollute the groundwater from Multimega’s manufacturing process. You want assurances that Multimega will run a clean operation. You are also concerned about the exploitation of workers. You want to press for health care benefits for all full time employees. You are the Mr./Ms. Negotiator. Call all affected parties together in a forum. Read the scenario and ask each stakeholder to present his or her concerns. Try to negotiate a compromise that will meet the needs of all parties. Disclaimer: This scenario and all parties are entirely ficticious.
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Scenario: A US web development firm, WonderWebWorks, outsources some of its work to MagikMedia in Farawayland. Allegations have surfaced that an employee of MagikMedia is selling child pornography in the US. There are hints that this is sanctioned by the MagikMedia, who is refusing to investigate, since child pornography is not illegal in Farawayland. You are Mr./Ms. CEO of WonderWebWorks.
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IT 304 - Scenario Multimega global corporation sells...

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