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WebsiteEvaluation - E writing quality needs improving F...

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IT 304 Website Evaluation Your projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria. Note items C, E, L in particular. Note that late projects will not be evaluated. It is your responsibility to get them uploaded well in advance of the due date. Last minute technical problems will earn you sympathy, but 0 points! Comment Code Key A excellent job B good job C citations missing or inadequate D insufficient text
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Unformatted text preview: E writing quality needs improving F insufficient research G visual appeal could be improved H inappropriate topic I links broken or more links needed J more examples or explanantion needed K navigation is poor L not all requirements met M text lacks depth Grading Key 10 Outstanding job 9 Excellent job 8 Good job, minor flaws 7 Adequate effort, flaws 6 Serious flaws <5 Minimal effort...
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