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writing assessment

writing assessment - Is it clear what is the author’s...

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IT Writing Assessment Structure 1. Is the paper well organized and clearly structured? Does the paper address the topic to be presented adequately? Is the paper written at the appropriate level of abstraction? Has the author synthesized concepts and presented them an effective and logical order? Mechanics 2. Is the paper free from mechanical defects that detract from effective communication? Are there spelling, syntax, structural, or grammatical errors? Is the use of voice, tense, and person correct and consistent? Has the author proofread the paper adequately? Citations 3. Does the author cite sources appropriately? Is the style for citations consistent? Are footnotes used where needed?
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Unformatted text preview: Is it clear what is the author’s work and what is someone else’s work? Illustration 4. Is the layout effective? Does the author use examples, illustrations, charts, or hyperlinks where needed to illustrate complex ideas? Style 5. Is the paper written at a level appropriate for the intended audience? Is the style concise? (The style should be a happy medium between “bullets” and a “Victorian novel.” In other words, there needs to be adequate explanation, without excessive wordiness.) For more information, see: http://ait.gmu.edu/writing/writing.htm For help, contact the Writing Center: http://writingcenter.gmu.edu/...
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