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George Mason University | 4400 University Drive | Fairfax, Virginia | United States of America IT 207 Applied IT Programming Course Syllabus | All Sections Course Catalog Description Building on fundamentals of structured and object-oriented programming, this course covers client and server side scripting languages and a SQL database management system. Students will use open source software tools to develop database-enabled web applications. Rationale This course enables students to understand and develop proficiency in some of the basic technologies used to implement applications with Web browser user interfaces, server-side processing, and data storage. Course Objectives The student will be given the opportunity to: 1. Describe issues related to the design and implementation of network-enabled information systems. 2. Describe the functionality of some common server-side web application technologies. 3. Demonstrate proficiency in implementing those technologies. Course Prerequisite Required is a grade of "C" or better in Introduction to Computing (IT 103), and also either Object Oriented Techniques for IT Problem Solving (IT 206), Programming Fundamentals (IT 108), or Introduction to Computer Programming (CS 112). Realize that a “C-“ or lower in the prerequisite course does not satisfy the requirement. The prerequisite course must be completed prior to, not concurrently with, this course. If you have questions about this policy, please contact the Instructor so that problems can be avoided later on (such as being dropped from the course). Textbook D. Gosselin, D. Kokoska, and R. Easterbrooks, PHP Programming with MySQL, 2 nd ed. Boston: Course Technology, 2011. Readings Readings for each unit of this class are listed on the Course Schedule found on the Blackboard Learning System (described below). You will be expected to complete reading assignments before coming to the class session. Additional reading materials may be assigned as the semester progresses or if the Instructor finds something particularly relevant to an upcoming topic. Accounts Blackboard Learning System [Blackboard]: This is set up by the staff in the Instructional Resource Center, and is necessary for our class ( ). Your username and password correspond with your university email account. If you need an account or are having problems accessing your account please contact the Instructional Resource Center ( ). Helios Server and Zeus Database Server: Enrollment in the course automatically grants you a server account and makes you eligible to sign up a database account. You can sign up for (and reset) your database account at . If you enroll in the course after the semester has started you may need to request a server account by sending an email to System Administrators ( ) with the course name/number, section, and server name (Helios). Hardware and Software
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IT207Spring2011Syllabus - IT 207 Applied IT Programming...

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