IT413Spring2011Syllabus - The Volgenau School o Information...

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Instr Offic Offic Emai TA: D TA O TA O TA E E-mai the bo Cou IT of d ma em lim exa com Prer uctor: ce Hours: ce Location: il: Dang Luong Office Hours Office Locati Email: dluon il is the fastes ody of any em urse Descri 413: Prereq digital comp nufacturing itting diodes itations of s amples such mmunication From ht requisites Prof. K Wedne Bull R ksantu g : Mon - W ion: availabl [email protected] st way to reac mail you send. iption quisites: IT 1 ponents used and chip des s (LED) and uch devices. as modern c ns and biotec ttp://www The D The Vo George 4400 Un Fairfax Ken Santucc esday’s 4:00 un 124A [email protected] Wed le on line live.gmu.ed ch the instruct . 108 and 212 d in modern I sign, microp light sensor . Application communicati chnology, ro Departmen lgenau School o e Mason Univers niversity Drive . VA 22030-444 IT 41 ci 0PM du u tor. Please inc , or permiss IT systems. T processors on r infrared tec n of micropr ions, high-sp obotics, and h u/catalog nt of Appli of Information T sity 44 13 Digital M Fall 2 clude the cou ion of instru Topics inclu n a chip, oth chnology, an rocessors to peed network high-tech ma g/courses ed Inform Media Ed 2010 urse number in uctor. Techn ude microele her digital co nd potential p current tech ks, fiber-opt anufacturing s/it.html ation Tech Engineering diting n the subject nologies and ectronics, inc omponents su possibilities hnologies inc tic technolog g. l Page 1 of 8 hnology heading or in applications cluding chip uch as light and cludes gies in 8 n s
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IT <471> <Fall> <2009> Syllabus Page 2 of 8 The prerequisite for this course is IT 108 and IT 212 or permission of instructor (or an approved equivalent course). A grade of "C" or better must be achieved in the prerequisite course before a student is qualified to take this course. The prerequisite course must be completed prior to, not concurrently with, this course. This requirement will be strictly enforced . Any student who does not meet the prerequisite requirement will be dropped from the course by the Instructor at the start of the semester and the student will be responsible for any consequences of being dropped. Rationale Information Technology is driving the Digital Media World. The use of more electronic devices to acquire and display video is growing. Success depends on a tight integration of the tools that power the artist and the producer at every level of production. The Audio/Video industry is now an Information Technology discipline. Objectives On successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Understand the technical foundations of digital media editing and presentation. 2. Gain exposure to current issues surrounding the digital media industry, acquire the ability to edit videos on multiple topics. 3.
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IT413Spring2011Syllabus - The Volgenau School o Information...

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