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The Department of Applied Information Technology The Volgenau School of Information Technology & Engineering George Mason University 4400 University Drive Fairfax. VA 22030-4444 IT 415 Information Visualization Spring 2011 Common Syllabus Revised January 2011 This syllabus contains information common to all sections of IT 415 for the Spring 2011 semester. Logistics Section 001 Instructor: Professor Nima Zahadat Prince William Campus Tuesday 4:30-7:10pm Course Description IT Information Technology 415 Information Visualization Prerequisites: IT213. Information visualization is an important area that focuses on the use of visualization techniques to help people understand and analyze abstract data. Through careful analysis of data, creation of visual representations, and implementation with interactive techniques, visualized information increases our ability to gain insight and make decisions for many types of datasets, tasks, and analysis scenarios. This course will provide students the opportunity to learn the principles and applied technologies in information visualization and explore the application of development protocols. Relevant topics will be chosen to enable students to create comprehensible applied visualizations and may include fundamentals of information visualization; system functional requirements development; current important visualization applications: geographic information visualization and scientific visualization; advanced interactive visualization -- virtual reality; future trends in information visualization. Students will get hands on experience with the latest web-based widely-used visualization tools and software to include design and development of a rudimentary
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Prerequisites The prerequisite for this course is IT 213 (or an approved equivalent course). A grade of "C" or better must be achieved in the prerequisite course before a student is qualified to take this course. The prerequisite course must be completed prior to, not concurrently with, this course. This requirement will be strictly enforced . Any student who does not meet the prerequisite requirement will be dropped from the course by the Instructor at the start of the semester and the student will be responsible for any consequences of being dropped. Rationale Today vast amounts of raw and refined information can be supplied and accessed to support analysis and decisions. Indeed, information access and retrieval is considered less a problem and at times a burden. The most pressing need now is to be able to present the information in a manner that is usable. This requires that cogent information be provided in context. To the maximum extent possible the information must be display in an intuitive manner that supports not only analytical but cognitive processes. (Source: Taylor Connor Associates LLC, all rights reserved) To support this burgeoning technology requirement designers and developers of information systems need to be current not only with the technology but the unique aspects of information visualization design. This course is
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IT415Spring2011Syllabus -...

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