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_____ Instr Offic Offic Emai TA: D TA O TA O TA E E-ma subje Cour IT inc mu Oth mu and ___________ uctor: ce Hours: ce Location: il: Dang Luong Office Hours Office Locati Email: dluon ail is the fast ect heading o rse Descript 481: Cover lude audio a ultimedia con her issues dis ultimedia stan d transmissio From http I ____________ Prof. K Monda Bull R ksantu g : Mon - W ion: availabl [email protected] est way to re or in the bod tion rs fundament and video co ntent, stream scussed incl ndards, the e on. p://www.gmu The The Volg George M 4400 Uni Fairfax. V IT 481 Co ___________ Ken Santucc ays 4:00PM un 124A [email protected] Wed le on line live.gmu.ed each the inst dy of any em tals of audio mpression a ing video, h ude legal asp entertainmen Departme genau School of In Mason University versity Drive VA 22030-4444 oncepts of M ____________ ci du u tructor and T ail you send o and image p algorithms fo high definitio pects concer nt industry as g/courses/it. ent of App nformation Techn Multimedia Spring ___________ TA. Please in d. processing a or efficient s on video, and rning distribu s well as the .html plied Infor a Processin g 2011 ___________ nclude the co and transmis torage and t d multimedi ution of mul e future of m rmation T ering ng and Tra ____________ ourse numbe ssion. Techn ransmission ia storage tec ltimedia con ultimedia pr Page 1 of 9 echnology ansmission ___________ er in the nical topics of chnologies. ntent, rocessing 9 y _
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IT <481> <Spring> <2011> Syllabus Page 2 of 9 Prerequisites The prerequisite for this course is IT 101 and IT 213 (or equivalent courses) ; or permission of department . A grade of "C" or better must be achieved in the prerequisite course before a student is qualified to take this course. The prerequisite course must be completed prior to, not concurrently with, this course. This requirement will be strictly enforced . Any student who does not meet the prerequisite requirement will be dropped from the course by the Instructor at the start of the semester and the student will be responsible for any consequences of being dropped. Rationale This course will examine the techniques and methods currently in use to allow various forms of media to be transformed, transmitted and received. The logic of text, graphics, sound, voice, pictures, and motion video capture, compression, and distribution will be analyzed with respect to live and archived web/broadcasts. . The class will explore the manner in which private, public and governmental organizations are using mobile and large format receivers. On successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Understand the technical foundations of multimedia processing and transmission 2. Gain exposure to current issues surrounding the multimedia and entertainment industry, acquire the ability to perform research on these issues and to discuss them with a large audience 3. Acquire the ability to perform research on a technical topic, and present the topic to a large
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IT481Spring2011Syllabus - The Department of Applied...

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