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Modern Learning Theory

Modern Learning Theory - • active reconstruction of...

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February 7, 2011 Modern Learning Theory Historical Explanation Stimulus --> into mind --> Response (result) This is referred to as Behaviorism Information --> the mind --> Reaction - information -- perception -- attentional screen --> the mind --> expression -- re- action - information -- perception -- screen --> short term memory --(mental opera- tions)--> long term memory --(retrieval)--> expression -- reaction Mental operations (forming long term memory) association: mnemonics, assimilation (connect to prior learning), make meaning (to something else in our lives) repetition: practice, analysis of parts, elaboration/cross-training, application/use organization: chunking, distinctions, categorize mental operations Structure (Schema) Process (Meaningfulness) | | | | Knowledge Think- ing Constructivism Individual constructs his/her own experience
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Unformatted text preview: • active reconstruction of reality • meaningful learning provides memorable and usable knowledge • long term patterns are better than short term bits • integration is better than isolated knowledge • personal knowledge structures are always changing • outside the mind-most knowledge is constructed in specific contexts-most knowledge is constructed in social settings Plato’s Meno • Sophists - tutors in Greece, claimed to be men of knowledge and magnificent teachers • names for Socrates -stingray - pain, react involuntarily, numbness-wizard - unpleasant, no control, cast spells-gadfly, midwife of ideas • question of how can you know that you don’t know something? • theory of learning: learning by recollection...
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