John Banks Case

John Banks Case - ‣ not too many friends in the...

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Michelle Cruz January 24th, 2011 John Banks Case Possible new titles -- Mission Impossible: Now starring John Banks John Banks: Revolutionary Anarchy John Banks: Eskimo Teacher or Parent Pleaser Compromises of Teaching: How far is too far? Cultural Sensitivity Its too early to be creative M:ACos -- Man: A Course of Study Kanawha County, West Virginia (1974) Facts about John Banks studied anthropology went to a prestigious university offered several jobs before he graduated wants to work in a rural area and start a farm in the beginning he was respected by colleagues and liked my students (mostly the boys) in his second year of teaching, 6th grade history
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Unformatted text preview: ‣ not too many friends, in the STA (Shelbyville teachers association -- mostly middle school and high school teachers, mostly male, mostly liberal) ‣ not tenured ‣ found MACoS at the local college • Facts about Ms. Flowers ‣ from Shelbyville ‣ in her mid 50’s, been teaching for 20 years before she became a principal ‣ only female administrator in the system ‣ husband prominent in the community -- budgetary advisor to the governor, runs a bank ‣ present at interview that brought Banks into the job • What is the problem here? • Isolated -- no confidant • Conflict between personal and professional ideology • conservative environment...
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