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MKTG 301: Exam #2 Review Sheet Chapter 7:  Global Marketing Globalization Offshoring Assessing Global Markets Economic General Environment  GDP; GNP; HDI PPP Real Income  Market Size / Population Growth Infrastructure Transportation / Channels / Communication / Commerce Government Tariff  Quota Dumping Boycott Exchange control Exchange rates Countertrade Trade agreements Sociocultural Power distance Individualism Masculinity Uncertainty avoidance Time orientation Entry Modes Global Marketing Strategy Influence of culture Standardization vs. Adaptation
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Video: “Oreo: Marketing Globally” Chapter 8: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning The Market STP Process Segmentation Overall Strategies Segmentation Factors Geographic Demographic Geodemographic
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Exam2ReviewSheet.docx - MKTG301:Exam#2ReviewSheet...

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