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MKTG 301: PRESENTATION GRADING RUBRIC PARAMETERS: (10 points) Time constraint (18-20 minutes) All team members presented __________ STYLE: (25 points) Appropriately dressed Poise/Confidence in presenting (i.e., eye contact with audience, etc) Members appear familiar with material (i.e., limited use of notes, etc) Successful transitions between members Ability to answer questions from audience/instructor __________ MATERIALS: (15 points) Slides are “clean”(i.e., correct spelling, correct use of language, etc) Slides creatively present content (i.e., layout, graphics, media, etc.) Slides are interesting and relevant
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Unformatted text preview: __________ CONTENT: (25 points) Content is clear, logical, and consistent Covered: Strategic Objectives Situation Analysis Marketing Strategy Marketing Mix Product Price Place (Distribution) Promotion Financials Projected Income Statement Marketing Budget Implementation/Objectives Evaluation/Control Marketing strategy and Marketing mix sections integrate cohesively Financials are realistic, given marketing strategy and marketing mix __________ PRESENTATION GRADE (out of 75 points): __________...
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