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You Paid What for That Flight? It Can Cost More to Fly to Hartford Than  Barcelona. What Airlines Consider in Setting Prices Wall Street Journal (Online) . New York, N.Y.: Aug 25, 2010. Abstract (Summary) In the second quarter, the average round-trip from New York's Kennedy Airport to Los Angeles International Airport was $1,088, while the average ticket from JFK to London's Heathrow Airport was $3,610, Topaz found in checking ticket purchases for companies. [. ..] the reality is that big airlines that fly to both Los Angeles and London from New York face low-fare airline competition on the domestic route, but not the international route, and so they charge far more. Full Text (1166 words) (c) 2010 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Reproduced with permission of copyright owner. Further reproduction or distribution is prohibited without permission. Author: Scott McCartney Airline ticket prices often seem like a brain-teaser with little logic. From Chicago, a flight to Miami is more than twice as far as a flight to Memphis, but the shorter Memphis flight costs 25% more on average. Fly to Washington, D.C., from Hartford, Conn., and the average fare is nearly three times as high as if you flew to nearby Baltimore from Hartford, according to government data for the first quarter of this year. The fares travelers pay typically have little relation to how far you fly, even though airline costs are largely dependent on the length of a flight. Long trips often cost less than short trips. Flights of the same time and distance can have radically different prices. David Dugan's defense company paid US Airways $1,358 for a non-refundable coach, round-trip ticket this week to Hartford from Washington. And yet Mr. Dugan had just bought $900 round-trip tickets for a family trip from Washington to Spain. "It's crazy," he said. "We're going to Europe and it's cheaper than going to Hartford." Airline pricing is enormously complex, often confounding and angering travelers with prices that change several times a day, carry an almanac full of rules, restrictions and penalties and have huge disparities in the price of a trip in
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