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P SYCHOLOGY 432: I NTRODUCTION TO C OUNSELING P SYCHOLOGY SPRING 2011 TuTh 4:00-5:15 pm BPS 1238 Instructor: Maria Luz Berbery, M.S. Office: BPS 2141 Email: [email protected] Office hours: Tuesdays 3-4 pm and by appointment Undergraduate TA: Lauren Verstandig Office: BPS 2141 Office hours: By appointment only Email: [email protected] Course description: This course will present an introduction to the field of counseling psychology, including research, theory, treatment modalities, current trends, and professional issues. **Note: This is NOT a counseling skills course. We will not learn counseling techniques. Rather, the course will be theoretically oriented. Course objectives: At the completion of this course, students will: 1. describe theories and research findings related to a broad range of topic areas within counseling psychology; 2. demonstrate understanding of how empirical research methods are used to test hypotheses related to a broad range of topic areas within counseling psychology; 3. critically evaluate the methods and conclusions of psychological research; 4. think critically regarding ethical and multicultural issues related to research methods, conclusions, and interventions with diverse populations; 5. understand the role of social and ecological factors as they relate individual development; 6. demonstrate an understanding of privilege and oppression, and how they relate to mental health Class structure: Active involvement in this class is crucial to optimal learning. In this course, a variety of methods will be used to stimulate thinking about the subject matter, including: readings, small group discussions, large group discussions, films, lectures, guest speakers, and other activities. Everything we do in this class, even the lectures, will be interactive. So, it is expected that students will come to class with comments, questions, and a readiness to respond to questions posed by the instructor or other students. Students will be encouraged to think critically about each of topics presented in class. The expression of diverse viewpoints is highly valued in this class. It is expected that students and the instructor will strive to create a mutually respectful environment in which it is safe to express multiple perspectives. Required text and other materials: Text: Gelso, C. J. & Fretz, B. R. (2001). Counseling psychology. Harcourt College Publishers: NY. 1
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Assessments: 2 Career/Personality Inventories ($27 check payable to University of Maryland) Additional reading materials: Aside from the textbook chapters, several journal articles are also assigned as required reading. All of these articles are available online, from the PsycInfo database. The instructor will also occasionally distribute additional required readings in class (or post readings to blackboard). Recommended:
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