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Spring 2011 BUSINESS LAW Exam 1 - Ch's 1st, 2nd, 3rd [5], 4th [6] I. You should understand the following terms: Assault Assumption of risk Battery Breach Causation Chain of distribution Common law Comparative negligence Defamation Dissent Dram shop acts Duty Equity Failure to warn False imprisonment Flexibility in the law Foreseeability test Fraud Intentional infliction of emotional distress (“Outrage”) Intentional torts Invitee Jurisdiction Law Libel Licensee Manufacturing defect Merchant protection statute Negligence Negligence per se Precedent Product defects
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Unformatted text preview: Product disparagement Product recall Proximate cause Punitive damages Res ipsa loquitur Slander Standing Stare decisis Strict liability Tort Transferred intent Venue II. You should be able to: • Explain the elements required to prove negligence, and defenses against negligence claims • Explain the elements required to prove strict liability for product defects, and defenses against such claims • Describe the sources of law in the United States • Describe the federal and state court systems...
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