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COM/155 Final Assignment Paragraph five explained in detail about how hard it is to avoid and manage debt. The author gave superior examples about paying bills, going to the grocery store, and unexpected bills like car tags. He or she also included that we are told to use cash instead of credit cards to stay out of debt. What if the use of a credit card keeps us ahead according to the other bills and unexpected visits to the doctor? There are many stressors that can arise in daily life that we cannot predict. When someone tries to keep the bills from piling up, pay costly utility bills, and go to the grocery store there are other daily hassles that may arise, and no one may be ready for it. So, who ends up paying the extra bills if there is no more cash, and they are recommended not to use credit cards? It is extremely hard avoiding and managing debt, especially when no one knows how to pay that unexpected bill. Using WritePoint for paper reviews is extremely helpful in declaring the best of someone’s written
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