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2 - ‘LJ 0:95 th6 E'orpsmle mam WV‘ sick" emmmj meow...

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Unformatted text preview: ‘LJ 0:95 th6 E'orpsmle mam WV‘ sick"? emmmj; meow 10er ~ kmed. S’S‘Wain mcwm mu mice. Regan: m‘éce main beam}. @mofiom 0(2me is my; pa+h089nic txgafirnem: Erueobd Mr KW“ $“S4Tain 4 We R 6’17"”)? mama in‘b mise- R/eéqu mice died innwma' ’ live Sarah malaria m blow of mice. . ~ 0! € . ”fled-”WOO: PS‘traso W aqu"@d 62m “Gig-strata why-Hie abxh‘jy 4'0 modw a Commie, L 3 --S Wm‘n 03M die - Dead 6611 Na? {bmmr Open) , Confirm» r911 %9 gen clump Ou+ We environmem. ’P’Svtra'in cw Px‘okg.-up a Chemical 11mm 9346:; +he, abmw bmke a Cap-Jule. - What is W‘s ahm‘cal CVWWming acaerfi) ‘mufi mgenwci mamfm Probably noi— Brown. v~ Hec1+ killed ' hea’r dencflums me'ns “ GBnGTiC malarial 8H“ fimchoned-' ...
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