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Handout 1 BCMB3100 Chapters 1-2 1) Learn AA structure, 1 and 3-letter names. Know all names before the 2 nd quiz. Structures by the first exam. 2) Know functional groups, bonds and names of organic compounds common in biochemistry. Figure 1.2 3) Know the difference between sp 2 and sp 3 hybridization. 4) Know Gibbs equation. Free energy rules the world. Given a dG, state if a reaction is favorable. What does the equation “dG = dH -TdS” say about the rate of a reaction? 5) Given a chemical equilibrium, calculate K eq . If K eq is < 1, is the reaction possible? 6) What is Le Chatelier’s Principle? 7) Know hydrolysis and condensation reactions of (peptide) bonds. Know the difference between a nucleophile and an electrophile. 8) Know the 4 non-covalent interactions. Be able to identify the 3 bonds that involve electrostatic interactions and their approximate strength (rank them). Identify the interactions that involve formal charges, dipole-dipole and induced dipole. 9) How many H-bonds can O accept?
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