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Handout 3 BCMB3100 Chapters 3-4 Chapter 3 18) What functional groups or amino acids contribute to the pI of a protein? What is the difficulty in calculating the pI of a protein? 19) What is isoelectric focusing? 20) Know the difference between anion exchange and cation exchange chromatography. Given protein ‘A’ with a pI of 7 and protein ‘B’ with pI of 5. Tell me a strategy (pH and resin) for separating the two using ion exchange chromatography. 21) During Gel Filtration, which elutes first, small proteins or large proteins? 22) How does Affinity Chromatography work, and how would you elute the protein? 23) What is the function of SDS in SDS-PAGE? Which runs faster, small or large proteins. 24) Describe 2-D PAGE Chapter 4 Problems: (1, 3, 7, 11, 12,) 1) Know what the ‘native conformation’ of a protein mean? Know that Alzheimer’s and ‘Mad Cow’ are protein folding diseases. What is a Prion? 2) Know that globular proteins are soluble, compact proteins with a hydrophobic core and a polar/charged
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