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5r54BUSN406 – FOUNDATIONS OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Homework #1 – Competitiveness and Process Review and Discussion Questions: 1. Identify the inputs, primary transformation functions, and outputs for the following types of firms: a. Hotel The inputs at a hotel are mass. Some inputs are the customer, furniture (materials), computer (equipment), staff (labor), electrical company (suppliers), and bathroom utilities. The primary transformation function would be airports that transport the customers to the hotel (transportation), fire departments that do inspections on the hotel (inspections), and state auditors who check the finances of the hotel are accurate (alterations). The output of the hotel is providing a pleasant stay for customers. b. Paper mill The inputs in making a paper mill include vegetable fibers, wood pulp, workers, machinery, and a building. The primary transformation functions for a paper mill are transporting materials to the plant, making the materials into paper, transporting the paper to the retailers, following federal protocol in making paper, and passing plant inspections. The output of a paper mill is to make paper so people can have. c. Newspaper company The inputs of a newspaper company are reporters, photographers, pictures, knowledge of current events (news), computers, recorders, offices, newsstands, and a printing factory. The transformation functions would include distribution of newspaper, the printing of the newspaper, the editing of the newspaper, the citation of the newspaper, the photos that will go into the newspaper, quotes, and the articles that will go into the newspaper. The output is making a newspaper and providing information for people. d. Supermarket In puts in a supermarket include registers, big freezers, huge refrigerators, produce products, shelves, cashiers, registers, management (employees), producers, product suppliers, products, and a building. The primary transformation functions include shipments of the products, transportation of goods, check out lines, stocking of the products, and perhaps preparation of the products. The output of a supermarket is making goods accessible to customers e. Airline The inputs in airlines are the Air planes, the furniture on the airplanes, the custom seating of the airplane, the staff, customers, food, utensils, plates, tickets, computers, tv’s, earphones, blankets, check in time, and safety air mask. The transformation process would be the check in line to board the air plane, the transportation of airplane parts, air plane garages, inspections for airplane fly capability, and the process of boarding. The output is to successfully get people from one place to another by flying.
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f. Bakery A bakery inputs would include the material needed to bake and decorate cakes such as eggs, wheat, flour, icing, oil, pans, an ovens, and also workers, cash registers, aprons, pictures of cakes, glass refrigerator to broadcast your cakes, big refrigerator, facility, workers, customers, and a menu. The transformation process will include the
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