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Report2 - 1 Once you've read it do the following z Write up...

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University of Minnesota Spring 2010 Economics 3102 Intermediate Macroeconomics Reading Report 2 This reading report is due Thursday, February 18, at the beginning of the class. The maximum score is 10 points. Be sure to review the Syllabus for details about reading reports and their grading ! Feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have specific questions about the report. 1 Instructions for the report Now that we’ve started talking about economic growth, I want you delve into a chapter of William Easterly’s The Elusive Quest for Growth: Economists’ Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics . The chapter titled Solow’s Surprise – Investment is not the key to growth discusses Robert Solow’s seminal papers in 1956 and 1957 on economic growth.
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Unformatted text preview: 1 . Once you've read it, do the following: z Write up a brief summary of the paper. z What is your opinion of Solow’s view that technology is the driver of long-run growth vs. capital fundamentalism? In what areas does the Solow Model work well, and in what areas does it do poorly in explaining? z Write up two or three paragraphs of any particular issue which seems of interest to you. This report should be at least one page long. Use a standard size 12 font and double-space your typing (leave margins of 1 to 1.5 inches on all sides). 1 Google “Solow’s Surprise - Investment is not the key to growth”, and you should be able to download the chapter. If you are having trouble downloading the chapter, send me an email....
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