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exam 2 sample ans - Biology 302 Exam 2 sample questions...

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Biology 302 Exam 2 sample questions True-False 1. _F__ DNA replication requires a type of RNA polymerase called the holoenzyme. 2. __T_ Highly repetitive long interspersed elements, such as LINE elements, exist in as many as a 500,000 copies that are scattered randomly throughout the human genome. 3. _T__. A nucleosome contains 146-bp of DNA plus two molecules each of histones H2A, H2B, H3 and H4. 4. _F__ RNA polymerase II synthesizes rRNA and tRNA. 5. _T__ The general transcription factors are required for the construction of the transcription initiation complex in eukaryotic cells. 6. _T__ Some highly interspersed elements in the human genome are thought to be very similar to, or have arisen from, viruses 7. _F__ The only known DNA double helical structure is called B-DNA and is the form discovered by Watson and Crick. 8. _F__ Base pairing between purines and pyrimidines is responsible for forming double stranded DNA, but not for the formation of internal structures such as stem-loop structures seen in RNA. 1
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Multiple choice - Choose the correct answer . 9. _A__ DNA isolated from cow liver contains 14% A. What percent will be T? a. 14% b. 22% c. 28% d. 36% e. 56% 10. _B__ Which of the following statements about the Watson-Crick model of DNA is NOT accurate? a. A base-pairs with T and G base-pairs with C.
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exam 2 sample ans - Biology 302 Exam 2 sample questions...

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