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exam 2b answers - Biology 302 Exam 2b Name 37 Telomeres and...

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Biology 302 Exam 2b October 28, 2010 Name:__________________ 37. Telomeres and telomerase are required for replication of eukaryotic chromosomes. Explain why they are not required for replication of: a. a circular bacterial genome (3pts) there is no end so the polymerase can continue and replace the RNA primer as it comes around b. a viral RNA genome (3 pts) is copied by RNA polymerase which doesn’t require a primer or 3’OH to extend 38. What two characteristics of RNA have led many scientists to conclude that RNA was present prior to the appearance of DNA during early evolution? (4 pts) contains genetic information has enzymatic activity like a protein 1
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39. The figures shown below contain the DNA sequences of three transcriptional promoter regions – one is from an RNA polymerase III promoter (that we didn’t talk about in class), one from a human RNA polymerase II promoter and one from a bacterial (sigma 70) promoter. The vertical lines represent the transcriptional start sites.
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