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exam 3 quest 38,39,40,41

exam 3 quest 38,39,40,41 - 40 There is a single gene...

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Unformatted text preview: 40. There is a single gene encoding a protein of 346 amino acids called xenotrophin. The primary transcript contains 9 exons. It has been observed that the xenotrophin protein exists in three forms that differ in the last 15 amino acids. The mRNAs that encode these three forms all come from the same gene yet differ slightly in their size. Scientists are trying to explain these findings. (4 pts) Describe the most likely possibility that would explain. this. 5’5!" a “‘ UV,» ‘3 S :1 ‘” L" 1, L {WW/:3. ,41. g ~gun.“ r .s _.:-.‘ :1: ,J',___,\...44 “A ALA“; -v.‘l,\“n+' “n And: A +L,‘ 1+ "L1 I 1-: 4' ‘4' If bu. Jams d beile u uidgiamb @1ng sum: CAp‘iaiidLiOlib utaumc we Stspa m SUFCEIE/GL” “*eiaeififi of translation. (5 points) ' The enzyme that catalyzes peptide bond formation is an RNA molecule. 34, The mRNA is translated in the 3’ t0 5’ direfilon- we” I 35': LThe C~terminus of the protein is synthesized last. 36. Translation is terminated by special tRNA molecules that recognize stop codons, 37; A“ Francis Crick, James W atson, and Maurice Wilkins all received the Nobel Prize for their work leading to the discovery of the structure of DNA, Fill in: 38. Regulation of the amount of protein that exists in the cell by regulating the translation of the mRNA is also called post- i t; l a regulation 39. The mRNA that encodes the sigma 32 protein (heat shock sigma factor) is present in the cell but is not translated until the cell is subjected to high heat. Describe the mechanism of temperature regulation afsigma 32 translation, (5 pts) ...
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