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exam 3 samples ANSWERS - Biology 302 Exam 3 sample...

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Biology 302 Exam 3 sample questions True-False _F__ Primary RNA transcripts can be used directly for translation into protein. _T__ The AAUAAA sequence found near the 3’-end of a mRNA is required for both terminating the transcript and for poly-adenylation. _T__ Conserved nucleotide sequences found in introns are required for correct RNA splicing. _T__On an aminoacyl-tRNA, the amino acid is linked to the 3’-OH of the tRNA molecule. _F__One role of the 5’-UTR of a mRNA is to control mRNA stability. _T__A peptidyl tRNA can have a polymer of hundreds of amino acids linked to it through its 3’OH. _F__ RNA polymerase II adds the poly-A tail to mRNA. _T__ Translational repressor proteins often bind to the 5'-UTR of the mRNA to block initiation of protein synthesis. __T_ Nuclear pores control the highly regulated passage of molecules into and out of the nucleus. The RNA processing carried out by spliceosomes (splicing) involves a number of different kinds of proteins and RNA molecules. Next to each of the components in the
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exam 3 samples ANSWERS - Biology 302 Exam 3 sample...

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