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Unformatted text preview: Evolutionary Evolutionary Psychology Definition Definition The study of the evolution of the mind and The behavior. How decisions and behaviors our ancestors made effect our own behavior. ancestors - Based on principles of natural selection David Buss David “The Evolution of Desire” – 1994 Men and women have different mating Men strategies strategies Why? Because the genders invest different amounts Because in the reproductive process. in Reproductive Investment Reproductive Women have a limited amount of eggs (around Women 400) 400) Men produce unlimited sperm (12 mil/hour) Women can’t reproduce after menopause Men can reproduce throughout life Fertilization and gestation occur in the female Women’s Strategy Women’s Quality 1. Economic capacity – present or future 2. Social Status 3. Age – older than the female What can a long-term mate provide that a shortterm sex partner can not? Men’s Strategy Men’s Quantity 1. Youth 2. Physical beauty a. Body shape (waist to hip ratio; .70 most a. attractive) attractive) b. Symmetry 3. Healthy Men cont. Men What is the advantage for men to marry? Homosexual Mate Preferences Homosexual Men place greater emphasis on youth and Men physical appearance physical Lesbians do not rank beauty as important In want ads lesbians list own beauty the least, In heterosexual females list it the most heterosexual Casual Sex Casual Physiological cues 1. Human males have a relatively large 1. testicle size to body weight ratio – this normally correlates with promiscuity of the species species Gorilla (.018) Orangutan (.048) Human (.079) Chimp (.269) A. Casual Sex Casual 1. The longer couples are separated the more The sperm per ejaculate that are produced by the man man 100% time together – 389 mil sperm/ejac 5% time together – 712 mil sperm/ejac Casual Sex Casual 1. 2. Lack of female orgasm leads to more Lack ejection of sperm (30% vs. 35%) ejection In a British study married women timed In extramarital copulations with ovulation extramarital Casual Sex Casual A. Psychological cues 1. Men desire more sex partners in any 1. given time interval and over the span of their lives lives 2. Coolidge effect – males become sexually 2. rearoused upon presentation of a novel female female Casual Sex Casual 1. 2. 3. Men pursue and have more affairs than Men women (50% vs. 26%) women Men have more sexual fantasies and those Men fantasies are more likely to involve sex with strangers, multiple partners, or anonymous partners partners Women more likely to fantasize about Women familiar partners (59% vs. 28%) familiar Casual Sex Casual A. Casual sex standards 1. Males – standards for most attributes 1. considered important for long term mating including attractiveness and age decrease including Casual Sex Casual 1. Females – standards stay more consistent Females except these are more important for short term mating term a. Spends a lot of money on them b. Gives them gifts c. Haves an extravagant lifestyle d. Is generous with resources ...
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