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Unformatted text preview: History/Perspectives History/Perspectives and Methods of Psychology Psychology – The science of behavior and mental processes. mental I. Psychology’s Roots Wilhelm Wundt – Established 1st psychology lab in Leipzig, Germany (1879). lab G. Stanley Hall – Established APA in 1892 G. (American Psychological Association). (American William James – Published “Principles of William Psychology” in 1890. Psychology” Sigmund Freud – Published “Interpretation of Sigmund Dreams” in 1900. Dreams” Ivan Pavlov – 1st published animal learning studies in 1906. studies John B. Watson – Believed that psy. was the John science of behavior (1903). science Margart Floy Washburn – 1st woman Ph.D. in psy. (1894) – Mary Calkins psy. Gilbert Jones (1901) & Inez Prosser (1933) – Gilbert 1st African American male &am...
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