Contribute to poor health health

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Unformatted text preview: Health Psychology – How pressures, conflicts, Health hardships, habits, etc. contribute to poor health. health. Industrial/Organizational Psychology – Industrial/Organizational Training and motivation of workers, job satisfaction, and good work relations. satisfaction, IV. The Scientific Method IV. The Scientific Method A. Theory – An explanation that organizes A. and predicts observations. B. Hypothesis – A specific, testable prediction. C. Operational Definitions – A statement of the procedures used in the research. the D. Replication – Repeating the essence of a D. study to see if the original findings generalize to other participants and situations. situations. V. Research Strategies V. Research Strategies A. Description 1. Case Study 2. Survey 3. Naturalistic Observation B. Correlation – statistic used for Correlation descriptive studies descriptive C. Experimentation Description ­ Case Study Descript...
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