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The examples study of serious brain injury hm freuds

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Unformatted text preview: ion ­ Case Study One or a few individuals is studied in depth in One the hope of revealing universal principles. the Examples: study of serious brain injury (H.M.), Freud’s theory of personality, Piaget and child development development Limitations: Any given individual can be Limitations: atypical, therefore it becomes easy to make false conclusions. false - Description ­ Survey Description ­ Survey - Must use a representative, random sample. Examples: dating practices, political polls, drug Examples: surveys surveys Limitations: sampling errors, response rate. Limitations: The best basis for generalizing is not from the exceptional cases at the extremes, but from a representative sample of cases. representative Description ­Naturalistic Description ­Naturalistic Observation Observing and recording behavior in naturally Observing occurring situations without trying to manipulate and control the situation. manipulate Examples: Jane Goodall and chimps, Diane Examples: Fosse and gorillas, child interactions at playgrounds playgrounds Limitations: does not explain behavior Limit...
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