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Class as civil rights movement control over quality

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Unformatted text preview: ” but were able to get rights as a class as • Civil rights movement • • Control over quality Control of goods and services http://www.acils.com/acil/ilhistory.html services Self-help movement • Consumerism • Move away from Move authoritarian view of medical models medical • Recognition of Recognition individual’s ability to determine own needs needs Community Components: Residential Residential Independent Living Paradigm • Movement away from identifying Movement deficiencies within the person deficiencies • Movement toward identifying problems Movement within society within – Social – Attitudes • Decisions made by the individual rather Decisions than medical or rehab professionals than Community Components: Residential Residential • Owning a home Owning gives gives Homeownership • Types of Types ownership ownership • • • Private homes Condominiums Member of housing Member cooperatives • A sense of place • Control over residence Control and supports and • Security and stability...
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