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Impact of Disabilities-2

Impact of Disabilities-2 - Community Components Residential...

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Unformatted text preview: Community Components: Residential Residential • Reported advantages Reported of homeownership of • • • • Independence and selfdetermination Control of living space Enhanced equality and social Enhanced status status Responsibility • Homeowners Homeowners reported: reported: • Reported disadvantages Reported disadvantages of home ownership of • Responsibility • Finances • Developing and Developing maintaining relationships with people in their neighborhoods neighborhoods • Frequent Frequent interactions with a wider variety of people people Community Components: Residential Residential • Supports for homeowners – Financial • Some require help managing financial obligations, paying Some bills, etc. bills, Some require assistance with mobility, getting around in the Some community, self-care, etc. community, Some have live-in assistants Some have visiting workers. – Personal • • • Personal Assistance and Independent Living Independent • Traditionally, personal assistance service Traditionally, (PAS) programs have been medically oriented. oriented. – Medical personnel determine who needs assistance Medical as well as they type of assistance needed. as – Consumers have had little voice. – Feeding, bathing, dressing, hygiene, grooming – Ambulation, transfers – Light housekeeping, laundry, meal Light preparation/clean up preparation/clean • Typical services provided: • PAS is now seen as a more cost effective PAS alternative to institutionalization. Independent Living Centers Independent • What are distinctive characteristics of What independent living centers? independent • What services do independent living What centers provide? centers • What is the goal of independent living What centers? Personal Assistance and Independent Living Independent • Types of PAS • Agency providers • • • Agency employees are assigned to clients High turnover of employees is problematic Work directly for the consumer • Independent providers • Video Clip – Moving On, Episode 4 • Quality of services • Usually determined by lack of negative reports • Should also include degree to which independence Should is facilitate is What do people with disabilities say about their community involvement? (cont) (cont) • Isolation • 2 times as likely to feel isolated from their times communities communities • 1.5 times more likely to say they are left out of their 1.5 communities communities • Socialize less Socialize • Making contributions • 35% report not being involved at all (compared to 35% 21%) 21%) National Organization Disability • 49% describeHarris Survey of Community Participation themselvesonas contributing members of 49% 2000, 2004 society (compared to 55%) society ...
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