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Wk_of_Sept._14[1] - Types of Disabilities(cont Week of...

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8/31/09 1 + Types of Disabilities (cont) Week of September 14 + Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities + Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities Emotional/behavioral disorders have to do with patterns of behavior that negatively effect a person’s ability to function. Behaviors are different from those expected for an age group or for what is expected within a cultural or ethnic group. Causes Environmental Family, school, community Genetic Familial connections (behaviors) Combined
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8/31/09 2 + Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (cont.) Characteristics Externalized behaviors Poor social relationships Difficulty coping with behavioral demands Inappropriately express needs and wants Internalized behaviors Typically don’t directly effect others Examples: Anxiety Social withdrawal Mood disorders (conditions causing fluctuating moods) + Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (cont.) Emotional/behavior disorders can include Depression
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