4 million national resource center for foster care

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Unformatted text preview: n, Kovacs, & Sawin (2008) 3 9/29/09 Family Climate and Disability: Parents with Disabili/es  Consider the role and responsibili/es of children whose parents have intellectual disabili/es.  The number of parents with ID is not known. However, it is reasonable to expect the number to increase because of  Greater recogni/on of the rights of people with ID  Decrease in prac/ces such as forced steriliza/on  Es/mates of the number of parents in the US with ID—though unreliable—are as high as 1.4 million National Resource Center for Foster Care & Permanency Planning, 2003 Family Climate and Disability: Parents with Disabili/es  Parents with ID oUen experience difficul/es  They have difficulty learning about childcare.  They appear to be abusive or neglecdul  They don’t think through the consequences of their ac/ons  They don’t read cues from their children  They are more likely...
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