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Quiz-11 - MAC1147 Quiz#11 In the top-right corner of a...

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Unformatted text preview: MAC1147: Quiz #11 12/1/2009 In the top-right corner of a clean sheet of paper, write your name, UFID, and section number. Please use a pen with blue or black ink. When you are nished, FOLD your paper in half lengthwise and write your name on the back. 1. An airplane 6 miles in the air measures the angles of depression to two cars on a straight highway to be 30◦ and 60◦ . What is the distance between the two cars, in miles? 2. Rewrite cos x in nonfractional form. 1 − sin x 3. Verify the trigonometric identity: sec2 x csc2 x = sec2 x + csc2 x 1 ...
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