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Quiz_7 - MAC1147 Quiz#7 In the top-right corner of a clean...

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Unformatted text preview: MAC1147: Quiz #7 10/20/2009 In the top-right corner of a clean sheet of paper, write your name, UFID, and section number. Please use a pen with blue or black ink. When you are nished, FOLD your paper in half lengthwise and write your name on the back. 1. Solve the following two systems of equations; use elimination on one and substitution on the other. You can choose which system gets which method, but if only use one method on both systems, then I will grade the one you do the worst on. (a) (b) y − 2x = 4 2y − x = 11 2x + 4y 3x − 2y =3 =2 2. Sketch a graph of f (x) = 3x+1 − 2. Label or list any intercepts and asymptotes. 1 ...
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