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Unformatted text preview: MAC1147: Quiz #9 11/3/2009 In the top-right corner of a clean sheet of paper, write your name, UFID, and section number. Please use a pen with blue or black ink. When you are nished, FOLD your paper in half lengthwise and write your name on the back. 1. For each of the following situations, state whether an exponential growth model, an exponential decay model, a logistic growth model, or a learning curve model is most appropriate to analyze the problem. (a) A mysterious stranger oers you one of two gifts: $100,000 a day for the next 30 days, or a gift that starts at $0.02 on the rst day, but doubles every day after that for the next 30 days. A friend from high school who now goes to Florida State says you would be a fool not to take the $100,000 a day, but you want to try to gure out ahead of time which is the better deal. (b) You are a supervisor at a call center in charge of studying the eectiveness of a new series of training modules. You want to compare the daily customer satisfaction rate of employees who undergo the training versus those who don't. (c) Now you are working for Apple's marketing, and you are in charge of determining when the best time to come out with a new iPod or iPhone is. You need to determine the point where so many people have bought the old iPod and iPhone that sales will start to trail o. 2. Suppose you order an 20-inch (diameter) pizza because you have friends coming over, but then your annoying roommate eats 200◦ of the pizza while you were cleaning the bathroom. To impress your friends you decide to compute the area of the pizza that your roommate ate. How much was eaten? 3. (BONUS) Draw the entire unit circle, with angles labeled in either degrees or radians, and coordinates labeled. 1 ...
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