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Breeding New Coleus Varieties at UF Dr. Dave Clark University of Florida September 2, 2010 Coleus – center of origin is Indonesia – a tropical plant It is an annual bedding plant when used in US gardens Introduced by Dutch botanist Karl Ludwig Blume Coleus breeding at UF – began in 2003 o Bright colors that don’t fade in the sun o Late flowering varieties o Good vigor and plant growth habit o Trailing habit for groundcovers & hanging baskets o Train breeders for the industry
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Unformatted text preview: o We evaluate about 25,000 seedlings each year Field trials – lots of data o On campus – shameless self-promotion; consumer input o Citra, FL ag farm – the proving ground for stress tolerance Pollination methodology o Tedious hand-pollinations – grad students o Open pollination – bees New commercial releases o We don’t name the new varieties – the companies do o Commercial success = royalties o Royalties – most of it goes back to the lab o Can you name one of our varieties?...
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