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Quiz 3 - gravitropism – plants grow with roots down and...

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ORH 1030 - Quiz #3 WRITE CLEARLY!!! Thursday, November 18, 2010 NAME: UFID#: 1. Give one reason why we could not live on Earth without plants. Plants provide air, food, shelter, medicines, improved quality of life etc. 2. Describe one way that plants improve indoor air quality. Plants remove volatile organic compounds from interior environments, plants provide oxygen to breathe 3. Describe one way that plants affect human behavior. People feel less stressed in work environments with plants – also more attentive. Faster recovery time and aesthetic appeal in hospitals. Increased consumer spending. 4. Name one plant that grows well indoors. I accepted basically any reasonable answer here. Think tropical foliage plants in malls etc. 5. (Circle one) Which one is longer/taller? A seedling grown in: DARK OR LIGHT 6. Describe one plant tropism: (eg. Gravitropism, Phototropism, Thigmotropism)
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Unformatted text preview: gravitropism – plants grow with roots down and shoots up in response to gravity phototropism – plants grow and move toward light (not photosynthesis) Thigmotropism – plants move in response to touch – venus fly trap and mimosa leaves curling 7. Which cycad is native to Florida? coontie or Zamia floridana – the answer had to be exact here, there are many Zamias 8. (Circle one) Which cycad cone (reproductive structure) is bigger? M A L E O R FEMALE 9. Why did the Confederate soldiers get sick eating Florida arrowroot, but the Seminoles did not? The Seminoles knew how to detoxify the caudex by leaching out toxins before eating it. The soldiers did not know how to do this. (The Seminoles were NOT more tolerant to the toxin) 10. In what region(s) of the world do you find cycads growing native? Tropics and subtropics...
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