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Mod1 Art2 - Module 1 Article 2 TREATMENT HIGHLIGHTS...

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TREATMENT HIGHLIGHTS APPEARANCE VERSUS HEALTH AS MOTIVATION FOR DIETING The dieting behavior of women who diet for appearance reasons is found to differ from that of women who diet out of concern for health. This study investigated whether dieting primarily for health reasons differs from dieting primarily for appearance reasons in terms of psychological and behavioral consequences. 110 female dieters attending college and 96 female dieters from the community completed questionnaires assessing various eating behaviors (eg, restraint, overeating), dieting strategies (eg, caloric restriction, healthier eating), psychological variables (eg, self- esteem, body dissatisfaction), and motivation for dieting. Compared to those dieting for health reasons, participants dieting for appearance reasons were more likely to have episodes of overeating (eg, failure to adhere to their diet) and to engage in unhealthy dieting practices (eg, skipping meals, excluding an entire food group, purging). Compared to those dieting for health reasons, participants dieting
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