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Unformatted text preview: PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY NOTE PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY NOTE ROLE OF ANTIDEPRESSANT MEDICATION IN THE TREATMENT OF ANOREXIA NERVOSA In patients with anorexia nervosa, antidepressant medication is not found to be beneFcial. This study was designed to assess “whether fuoxetine [ 1 ] can promote recovery and prolong time-to-relapse among patients with anorexia nervosa Following weight restoration.” In a double-blind study conducted at 2 treatment centers over a 5-year period, 93 Female patients (ages 16 to 45) who were receiving day or inpatient treatment For anorexia nervosa and who had achieved a body mass index (BMI) 2 oF at least 19 For a 2-week period were randomly assigned to receive either fuoxetine or placebo For up to 1 year. During that time, the patients also received cognitive-behavioral treatment to help prevent relapse. ¡luoxetine was started at 20 mg/day and increased to 60 mg/day over a 1-week period. The dose could be increased to 80 mg/day iF the patient’s condition deteriorated, or decreased iF there were period....
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